Full Screen Music Info

A small program to show full screen info about the currently playing song in your favorite music playing program. Currently Amarok v. 1, Spotify and SqueezeCenter are supported. There exists a generic dbus specification that should enable newer versions of Amarok and other similar programs on Linux at least. It should be fairly easy to implement, but isn't yet. I looked at it but didn't bother due to fairly bad documentation/standard specification.

Currently only Gnome Screensaver is supported for inhibiting when in full screen mode. This could also be extended to at least KDE. There is probably a shared standard for that as well, but I do not need it as I run Gnome at the moment. Patches are gladly accepted.

The support for Spotify is a quick hack and does not show the album name (as that is not present in the window title). For Amarok and SqueezeCenter the program shows artist, song and album.

(CC) BY SA/GPL2+ - Tormod Ravnanger Landet - http://tormod.landet.net



python full_screen_music_info.py --program SqueezeCenter/Amarok/Spotify

Press f to enter or exit full screen mode. Press q to exit.


This is the full screen view. Exciting isn't it?

Marit Larsen - This Is Me, This Is You - The Chase


2008-12-14 Released version 1.1
Now with support for Spotify (in wine)
2008-10-24 Initial release
Supports Squeezecenter and Amarok version 1.x


Version 1.1